What You Need To Know To Host a Concert Print

Team Needs

1.) After Dave Anderson faxes or Emails the Concert Agreement, please sign the Agreement and fax or e-mail back to Fellowship Ministries/Shepherd's Canyon Retreat as soon as possible (fax: 480-838-9187, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )  THE APPEARANCE AGREEMENT WILL BE FAXED OR EMAILED TO YOU.  THE "Agreement" IS NOT ON THIS WEBSITE.

2.)  We ask host congregations for $300 plus a free-will offering.  If the $300 is not available, we will come anyway!  The "church fee" should be made out to:  Shepherd's Canyon Retreat.

3.) One non-smoking 2-bed motel room for Dave and Roger. The motel should be as close to the church as possible. Moderately priced. Please put the motel name, address, phone number on the returned Concert Agreement.  If a motel room is too expensive or not available, Dave and Roger are fine with staying in a private home or homes.

4.) Dave and Roger will use YOUR sound system and keyboard or piano.  They will bring their two cordless hand-held mics and plug them, Roger's guitar, and Dave's laptop into a 10" x 10" board which, in turn, will be plugged into one of your mic outputs.  Please make sure your sound person is available to turn on your sound system.

5.) We need a contact person who we can call enroute to open the church and familiarize Dave and Roger with the church or concert site. We will send you a detailed concert tour itinerary which will include arrival/departure information.  Dave's cell phone is 602-538-4066.

6.) We will need a 6' or better an 8' table set up in the narthex on which to display CDs and books.

7.) Would you please provide 1 pitcher of cold--not iced water--and 2 glasses by the front pew before the concert.

8.) Please have ushers available to pass out handouts as people arrive...and to receive the offering.

9.) Bulletin announcements and a press release are also available here.

10.) Posters will be sent to you via a PDF or in the mail.  If you have a color printer and if it is linked to your computer you will be able to print on legal-size paper.






This event is for your church and community.
It is for all people to reach them with the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Be sure to organize a group to help you coordinate the publicity. It takes a team to implement these publicity efforts. Well attended concerts are the result extensive publicity. And publicity doesn't just happen!

One of the neatest publicity ideas we have ever seen was in central Illinois when the host church printing up small concert invitations and then youth and adult volunteers put those invitations on the windshilds of cars parked in other church parking lots during their services.  Their theory was:  people that go to church go to church...even other churches when they are invited.

Shepherd's Canyon Retreat will supply you with
Bulletin Announdements
Press Release

Event Checklist
[ ] Organize 2 - 3 people to help with publicity
[ ] Contact local newspapers and send news release & photo
[ ] Contact local radio stations. Dave is available for radio interviews. Simply call our office at (480) 838-8500 to arrange.
[ ] Put up posters (with time, date, place printed on your copy machine--please no magic markers) in your church 5 weeks prior to concert date with date, time, and place of concert.
[ ] Send posters, bulletin inserts and bulletin blurbs to Christian churches in your area
[ ] Print and use bulletin inserts and bulletin blurbs in your church

[ ] Attendance is sometimes increased by having a soup/supper immediately preceeding the concert.
[ ] Show a 2-3 minute clip from The Rescue DVD
The Rescue Story is shared at concerts. Many people outside your church family will be interested in hearing of God's wonderful miracle. 

Christian Book Stores, businesses, schools and banks are additional publicity sources. 

Pray for the concert daily and encourage your congregation to be in prayer with you.




The Offering

We normally take the offering with us.  Within a few days we will report the offering total.  If there is a reason to count the offering after the concert, please follow the following procedure:

Step One
Offering Envelopes
•Â Â Â  Carefully slit open envelope from the top and remove contributions.
•Â Â Â  Throw away the envelopes that have no names, addresses or comments indicated.
•Â Â Â  Save envelopes that do have information such as names, addresses, and/or comments.
•Â Â Â  Indicate CK or CASH on the inside of the envelope.
•Â Â Â  Write in the dollar amount of the gift if not already written on the envelope.
Step Two
•Â Â Â  Count loose cash from offering plate and cash from envelopes.
•Â Â Â  Exchange the cash for a check written on the church’s bank account.
•Â Â Â  Make the check payable to Shepherd's Canyon Retreat.

Thrivent Financial

Congregation hosting Dave and Roger's Concert Ministry should apply for the $250 debit card which Thrivent supplies through their "Action Team Event".  Simply go to the Thrivent website, click on Action Team Event and fill out their form and, because income benefits the Shepherd's Canyon Retreat ministry, you click on "fundraiser" when that question comes up.  In "Thrivent's world" the concert or AM service is a "fund-raiser".

The Thrivent funding can buy a motel room, but more important, it can be used for publicity...and a tank or two of gas for Dave and Roger.