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This begins Dave Anderson's 44th year of concert ministry....2019

No matter where you live in America, please consider inviting Dave Anderson and Roger Walck to come to your church for weekend services or for an afternoon or evening "worship concert"...all in support of the Shepherd's Canyon Retreat ministry.  All concerts qualify as a Thrivent Action Team Event which will give host churches a $250 debit card to use for concert expenses and publicity.

Roger Walk and Dave Anderson are available for concert ministry in "some" of 2019.

We are scheduled for ministry in Colorado May 10-19 and in the Pacific Northwest June 9-23.  Please call Dave at 480-838-8500 with any questions you might have about their concert ministry.

Beginning later in 2019, Roger Walck will begin solo ministry.  Roger is a gifted guatarrist, singer, speaker, and worship leader.  In the churches that host him, beginning in April, Roger is making himself available to meet with worship/praise teams/bands.  Roger Walck has years and years of experience in training worship leaders.  Take advantage of his gifts if you invite him to your church for weekend services or an evenign worship concert.

Since Roger Walck will continue under the sponsorship of the Shepherd's Canyon Retreat ministry, every concert/service qualifies for a Thrivent Action Team Grant.  You can use Thrivent's $250 debit card to publicize his ministry at your church.

If you want to inquire about him coming to you, please Email Roger at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or you can Email me This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 


12--3 PM--Faith Lutheran, Owasso, OK

13--10:15 AM--St. John Lutheran, Okarche, OK

13--6 PM--Immanuel Lutheran, Oklahoma City, OK

14--7 PM--St. Paul Lutheran, Coffeyville, KS

15--7 PM--private concert in Salina, KS home (call 480-838-8500 for location)

16--7 PM--Concordia Lutheran, Hoisington, KS

17--7 PM--St. Paul Lutheran, Duluth, KS

18--7 PM--private concert in Wichita, KS home (call 480-838-8500 for location)

20--8:30 &11 AM--Joy Lutheran, Tulsa, OK

20--6 PM--Emmanuel Lutheran, Kingfisher, OK

21-22--Dave attends pastor's conference in Flower Mound, TX


10--9 AM--Zion Lutheran, Brainerd, MN

10--6 PM--Trinity Lutheran, New York Mills, MN

11--6 PM--Zion, Brainerd, MN

12--available, northern Minnesota

13--7 PM--Shepherd of the Lakes, Garrison, MN

14-17--available in NW Minnesota

Dave Anderson

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Click this link to download the Poster PDF

What You Need To Know To Host a Concert PDF Print E-mail

Team Needs

1.) After Dave Anderson faxes or Emails the Concert Agreement, please sign the Agreement and fax or e-mail back to Fellowship Ministries/Shepherd's Canyon Retreat as soon as possible (fax: 480-838-9187, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) If possible, send 1/2 of the concert fee to The Fellowship. The balance is due on the day of the concert.  THE APPEARANCE AGREEMENT WILL BE FAXED OR EMAILED TO YOU.  THE "Agreement" IS NOT ON THIS WEBSITE.

2.)  We ask host congregations for $300 plus a free-will offering.  If the $300 is not available, we will come anyway!  The "church fee" should be made out to:  Shepherd's Canyon Retreat.

3.) One non-smoking 2-bed motel room for Dave and Roger. The motel should be as close to the church as possible. Moderately priced. Please put the motel name, address, phone number on the returned Concert Agreement.  If a motel room is too expensive or not available, Dave and Roger are fine with staying in a private home or homes.

4.) Dave and Roger will use YOUR sound system and keyboard or piano.  They will bring their two cordless hand-held mics and plug them, Roger's guitar, and Dave's laptop into a 10" x 10" board which, in turn, will be plugged into one of your mic outputs.  Please make sure your sound person is available to turn on your sound system.

5.) We need a contact person who we can call enroute to open the church and familiarize Dave and Roger with the church or concert site. We will send you a detailed concert tour itinerary which will include arrival/departure information.  Dave's cell phone is 602-538-4066.

6.) We will need a 6' or better an 8' table set up in the narthex on which to display CDs and books.

7.) Would you please provide 1 pitchers of cold--not iced water--and 2 glasses by the front pew before the concert.

8.) Please have ushers available to pass out handouts as people arrive...and to receive the offering.

9.) Bulletin announcements and a press release are also available here.

10.) Posters will be sent to you via a PDF or in the mail.  If you have a color printer and if it is linked to your computer you will be able to print on legal-size paper.


Biographies of Dave and Barb Anderson PDF Print E-mail

Dave and Barb AndersonAfter 36 years of concert ministry, Barb Anderson has retired from "living out of a suitcase" as she has done for 1/3-1/2 of every month.  Barb is now working in the ministry's home-office and living a more normal life.  Here is the "Dave and Barb story" as it has been stated in the past:  Dave and Barb Anderson are ministers of the Gospel in song and the spoken word. Dave is President of Fellowship Ministries, based in Tempe, Arizona. Fellowship Ministries is a non-profit, para-church organization, founded in 1975, which served as a resource for the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ through worship and music. For many years Fellowship Ministries sponsored worship and music conferences and seminars, published worship resources (including The Other Songbook, now 560,000 copies in print and The Best of the Best in Contemporary Praise and Worship, 180,000 copies in print), and sponsors the Anderson's concerts.

Beginning in 1975, Dave and Barb's concert ministry has included well over 5,600 evening worship concerts and weekend worship services in churches throughout America and in a number of other countries including Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, The Philippines, New Zealand, and more than 20 times to Australia.


Press Release Sample PDF Print E-mail

News Release

For Immediate Release

Local Contact: (name and daytime phone)

Dave Anderson and Roger Walck will present a concert at (time), (day of week), at (location). The concert is sponsored by (host).

Dave and Roger's music is a blend of contemporary, gospel, hymns, and lots of old-time Sunday School songs. The audience will be invited to sing along but, as Dave says, "so long as it's the same song."

Dave Anderson comes from Arizona and Roger and his wife Patti live in Corona, California. Dave grew up as a Lutheran preacher's kid in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Dave has been involved in lay ministry in the Lutheran church for 48 years first in youth ministry (Dave is the founder of Lutheran Youth Encounter) and then music ministry including concerts and worship resources.

Roger Walck is a skilled vocalist, guitarist, and a worship team leader.  Roger is a graduate of Vanguard University and he has studied at Fuller Seminary and Azusa Pacific University.  For many years Roger taught theology at Orange Lutheran High School in Orange, California.  For many years Roger has led Spanish-language worship in various Orange County churches.

Booking a Concert PDF Print E-mail

Dave Anderson and Roger Walck (joined Dave March, 2013) are available to lead weekend worship services and weeknight "worship concerts".  Dave points out that their evening presentations are not performances in the sense of entertainment.  Since Scripture says that "God inhabits the praises of His people", Dave and Roger believe that God's Spirit is very present in the midst of their singing and speaking. 

The congregation is invited to join Dave and Roger in long as it's the same song.  The "worship concert" will  include hymns, gospel songs, old Sunday School songs, and what Dave calls "message songs". 

Bulletin Blurbs PDF Print E-mail


On (date), Dave Anderson and Roger Walck will present a worship concert at (church name) at (time). Dave and Barb presented about 5,500 concerts in America and in 17 other countries since they were married in June, 1975. Come prepared to sing a long... Dave says, "so long as it's the same song". Roger Walck and his wife Patti, lives in Corunna, California.  For over 20 years, Roger taught Theology and Spanish at Orange Lutheran High School, Orange, CA.

Mark your calendar for (date). That's when Dave Anderson and Roger Walck will be presenting a concert of gospel music here at (church name). The program will include gospel songs, hymns, old Sunday School songs, some contemporary praise and worship music plus some of what Dave calls, "message songs". Dave will also tell The Rescue Story, the story of he and Barb and five others surviving a plane crash in the Bering Sea. Visit This is an evening you will enjoy.