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Dave and Barb AndersonAfter 36 years of concert ministry, Barb Anderson has retired from "living out of a suitcase" as she has done for 1/3-1/2 of every month.  Barb is now working in the ministry's home-office and living a more normal life.  Here is the "Dave and Barb story" as it has been stated in the past:  Dave and Barb Anderson are ministers of the Gospel in song and the spoken word. Dave is President Shepherd's Canyon Retreat based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Beginning in 1975, Dave and Barb's concert ministry included well over 5,600 evening worship concerts and weekend worship services in churches throughout America and in a number of other countries including Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, The Philippines, New Zealand, and more than 20 times to Australia.


When asked why they cjose to spend so many years in a ministry which meant living out of a suitcase for much of the past 33 years, they respond by saying, God calls each of us to serve Him in different ways. He has called us to join with those who have offered praise to God through music.

Dave and Barb have recorded numerous albums and have led worship and music for dozens of church conferences and conventions. They were featured singers at a Billy Graham Crusade.

Concerts today feature Dave Anderson and Roger Walck.  Their worship concerts include a mix of contemporary and traditional Christian music hymns, gospel songs, praise & worship songs, and children's songs. Audiences are invited to sing along (so long, Dave says, as it's the same song). They share from their heart personal experiences and from their walk with God.

That walk took Dave and Barb and several others to the Russian Far East in August, 1993. They spent a week in a 3000-person community which had never before heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. On their back to Alaska, their plane crashed into the Bering Sea, about 140 miles south of the Arctic Circle and 22 1/2 miles from Nome, Alaska. The seven team members spent nearly an hour in 41-degree water. Their rescue has been called one of the most dramatic air/sea rescues in history. This story has been told in Guideposts, Christian Reader Magazine, The Lutheran, The Lutheran Witness, and seen on TBN, CBN's 700 Club, Daystar, and heard four times on Focus On The Family in English and around the world in 12 other languages.

Dave sharesThe Rescue Story everywhere he gos. God has used this story of miracles to minister to believers and unbelievers; to people in all stages of life, particularly those who are facing 'impossible' circumstances.

Dave Anderson is founder of Lutheran Youth Encounter (later known as Youth Encounter), which was based in the Twin Cities, Renewal House (the first Lutheran-sponsored drug rehabilitation program in the US), Fellowship Ministries, and Shepherd's Canyon Retreat.  Dave and Barb Anderson make their home in Phoenix, Arizona. They have a stepson who is married and they have two step-grandchildren.

Dave and Barb Anderson and their music ministry gave birth to Shepherd's Canyon Retreat, the specialized counseling center for burned-out church workers and their spouses. Check out to learn more.  Contact Dave at Shepherd's Canyon Retreat
 P.O. Box 51510
 Phoenix, Arizona 85076
 T: 480-838-8500
 Dave's cell:  602-538-4066 Fax: 480-838-9187