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Dave Anderson and Roger Walck will present a concert at (time), (day of week), at (location). The concert is sponsored by (host).

Dave and Roger's music is a blend of contemporary, gospel, hymns, and lots of old-time Sunday School songs. The audience will be invited to sing along but, as Dave says, "so long as it's the same song."

Dave Anderson comes from Phoenix, Arizona and Roger and his wife Patti live in Corona, California. Dave grew up as a Lutheran preacher's kid in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Dave has been involved in lay ministry in the Lutheran church for 48 years first in youth ministry (Dave is the founder of Lutheran Youth Encounter) and then music ministry including concerts and worship resources.

Roger Walck is a skilled vocalist, guitarist, and a worship team leader.  Roger is a graduate of Vanguard University and he has studied at Fuller Seminary and Azusa Pacific University.  For many years Roger taught theology at Orange Lutheran High School in Orange, California.  For many years Roger has led Spanish-language worship in various Orange County churches.

During the concert/service, Dave will share from his personal experiences from having traveled 4,000,000 miles over  43 years of concert ministry. These travels have included concerts in Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, the Scandinavian countries, and 25 trips to Australia and New Zealand.  2020 is the last year for Dave's and Roger's concerts. After 36 years of "living out of a suitcase" Barb decided to pass the concert baton to Roger Walck.  Now, in addition to concerts in America Dave is focusing a great deal of time to the Shepherd's Canyon Retreat ministry.

In 1993, God used incredibly heroic men to rescue Dave, his wife Barbara, and five others from 36-degree water after their plane crashed into the Bering Sea while returning from a missionary and humanitarian mission in the Russian Far East. All seven men and women survived what could not be survived!

This story has been heard by millions around the world on radio, TV, and through personal appearances. The Rescue Story points to the God which rescues men and women from overwhelming circumstances in their lives. Dave will tell highlights of this story at the (church name, location) concert. NOTE:  IF you go to and write in The Rescue Story you will find the 58-minute documentary about this amazing story.

Dave, Barb, and Roger are involved in the most ambitious project yet: Shepherd's Canyon Retreat, a special counseling ministry for burned-out and emotionally wounded Christian ministers and their spouses.  Week-long Shepherd's Canyon Retreats are held at the ministry's home-base called Standing Stones Conference & Retreat Center which is located 90 minutes northwest of the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport....15 miles west of Arizona's "cowboy town", Wickenburg.  Please visit The free-will offering received at the concert will benefit the Shepherd's Canyon Retreat ministry.

Shepherd's Canyon Retreat, Inc. P.O. Box 51510, Phoenix, AZ 85076 480-838-8500 - -



On (date and time) plane crash survivor, Dave Anderson, joined by his colleague Roger Walck, will appear in concert at (church name and address). 

In August, 1993, Dave Anderson, his wife Barbara, and five others were returning from a mission in the Russan Far East when their chartered twin-engine plane crashed into the Bering Sea, 144 miles south of the Arctic Circle and 22 1/2 miles west of Nome, Alaska.

This group of missionaries spent nearly an hour in 36-degree water without life jackets or rafts.  Life-expectancy in 36-degree water is between five and thirteen minutes. They were spotted after they had been in the water for twenty minutes and twenty minutes after that, two commercial helicoptors came to carry out what has been described as one of the most dramatic air/sea rescues in history...anywhere in the world.

As part of (church's name) (worship service or evening concert), Dave will retell parts of The Rescue Story which has been seen and heard by millions of people around the world in person, on TV and radio and in many languages.  The Rescue Story book and DVD will be available at the concert.

August 11-13, 2018 this music team, along with several others who survived this amazing rescue, will be in Nome, Alaska to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Rescue.

The public is invited to enjoy the concert and to hear Dave tell this incredible story.