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On (date), Dave Anderson and Roger Walck will present a worship concert at (church name) at (time). Dave and Barb presented about 5,500 concerts in America and in 17 other countries since they were married in June, 1975. Come prepared to sing a long... Dave says, "so long as it's the same song". Roger Walck and his wife Patti, lives in Corunna, California.  For over 20 years, Roger taught Theology and Spanish at Orange Lutheran High School, Orange, CA.

Mark your calendar for (date). That's when Dave Anderson and Roger Walck will be presenting a concert of gospel music here at (church name). The program will include gospel songs, hymns, old Sunday School songs, some contemporary praise and worship music plus some of what Dave calls, "message songs". Dave will also tell The Rescue Story, the story of he and Barb and five others surviving a plane crash in the Bering Sea. Visit This is an evening you will enjoy.

For over 25 years Dave and Barb Anderson have had a deep concern for hurting professional church workers (pastors, teachers, missionaries) and their spouses. The Andersons and colleagues of theirs have given birth to Shepherd's Canyon Retreat, a ministry which provides burned-out pastors and other church workers with 8-day counseling retreats. Someone has said that the "church is the only army which shoots the wounded". Dave and Barb and their Shepherd's Canyon Retreat counselors believe that it is time to help heal these wounded shepherds. The Dave & Roger concert offering will benefit this ministry. Please visit

Dave Anderson has traveled an estimated 4,000,000 miles since he and his wife began their concert ministry 35 years ago. These days, Dave and his friend of 44 years, Roger Walck, are traveling together and they will appear in concert at (church) on (date) at (time). Before Roger joined Dave, Dave and his wife  presented concerts in Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, Nepal, Pakistan. They made 25 trips to Australia and New Zealand. Come and enjoy the Dave and Roger's music, The Rescue Story, and the fellowship which happens when "God inhabits the praises of His people".

Dave Anderson has been in lay ministry in the Lutheran church for 50 years. He is the founder for what became Lutheran Youth Encounter (later known as Youth Encounter), directing that ministry from 1963-1968. After serving as a Youth Director in Van Nuys, California for one year, Dave led in the formation of Lutheran Youth Alive, sometimes called the "Lutheran version of the Jesus Movement" in the 70's. You may have sung from songbooks which the Andersons have published including The Other Songbook and The Best of the Best in Contemporary Praise & Worship. Dave and his friend, Roger Walck, will present a concert at (church name) on (date) at (time).

In 1993 Dave Anderson, his wife Barbara, and five others went down in a plane crash in the Bering Sea. They lost one engine at 7,000 feet; the other at 3,500 feet and then their plane fell 3,500 feet in 3 1/2 minutes and then plowed into the ocean at 90 MPH. Come to (church name) on (date) to hear "the rest of the story"; how seven people survived nearly one hour in 36-degree water, 144 miles south of the Arctic Circle. Dave will tell this amazing story at the concert that he and Roger Walck will present.

Please pray for Dave and Roger's ministry at (church name) when they come on (date) at (time). Their goal is to glorify Jesus Christ and to remind us, through music and their spoken testimonies, of God's grace and mercy and power. Pray that God will touch the hearts of those who attend this worship concert.

NOTE: If Dave and Roger are coming to lead weekend worship services at your church rather than to present an evening worship concert, please edit the language to reflect that fact, giving worship times. Please edit out the term "evening worship concert". Thanks.

Fellowship Ministries/Shepherd's Canyon Retreat, P. O. Box 51510, Phoenix, AZ 85076
FM: 480-838-8500 SCR: 480-588-8837. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .