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What You Need To Know To Host a Concert PDF Print E-mail
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What You Need To Know To Host a Concert
The Offering
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Team Needs

1.) After Dave Anderson faxes or Emails the Concert Agreement, please sign the Agreement and fax or e-mail back to Fellowship Ministries/Shepherd's Canyon Retreat as soon as possible (fax: 480-838-9187, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )  THE APPEARANCE AGREEMENT WILL BE FAXED OR EMAILED TO YOU.  THE "Agreement" IS NOT ON THIS WEBSITE.

2.)  We ask host congregations for $300 plus a free-will offering.  If the $300 is not available, we will come anyway!  The "church fee" should be made out to:  Shepherd's Canyon Retreat.

3.) One non-smoking 2-bed motel room for Dave and Roger. The motel should be as close to the church as possible. Moderately priced. Please put the motel name, address, phone number on the returned Concert Agreement.  If a motel room is too expensive or not available, Dave and Roger are fine with staying in a private home or homes.

4.) Dave and Roger will use YOUR sound system and keyboard or piano.  They will bring their two cordless hand-held mics and plug them, Roger's guitar, and Dave's laptop into a 10" x 10" board which, in turn, will be plugged into one of your mic outputs.  Please make sure your sound person is available to turn on your sound system.

5.) We need a contact person who we can call enroute to open the church and familiarize Dave and Roger with the church or concert site. We will send you a detailed concert tour itinerary which will include arrival/departure information.  Dave's cell phone is 602-538-4066.

6.) We will need a 6' or better an 8' table set up in the narthex on which to display CDs and books.

7.) Would you please provide 1 pitcher of cold--not iced water--and 2 glasses by the front pew before the concert.

8.) Please have ushers available to pass out handouts as people arrive...and to receive the offering.

9.) Bulletin announcements and a press release are also available here.

10.) Posters will be sent to you via a PDF or in the mail.  If you have a color printer and if it is linked to your computer you will be able to print on legal-size paper.