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June 9-27, 2019…..17 days in Scandinavia with Dave Anderson

June 9 Sunday    Our tour begins with an evening flight from Chicago to Copenhagen (airline and departure time to be confirmed).

June 10 Monday  We arrive in Copenhagen (arrival time to be confirmed), go to our hotel to freshen up and then we will stretch our legs on Copenhagen’s famous walking street.

June 11 Tuesday, in the city center of Copenhagen we will go to the beautiful and massive Christian IV Castle “Rosenborg”.  The castle tour will take two hours. We will stop at the famous mermaid statue in the Copenhagen harbor and a great fountain nearby.  We will stop at two amazing Copenhagen cathedrals including the Grundvig Church.  Dinner tonight in Tivoli Gardens, one of Europe’s most famous amusement parks.  Same hotel.

June 12 Wednesday, today we will visit Roskilde, the incredible cathedral where Danish Kings and Queens are buried. After lunch we head east to Helsingør for a short ferry boat ride to Helsingborg, Sweden.  After looking around the city center, we will travel to the very old Helsingborg suburb of Råå, where we will stay overnight at the Sundsgården Folkhögskola.  Dinner and great accommodations.   Sundsgården is a Chrsitian “folk high school” where Dave and Barb Anderson have stayed many times.

June 13 Thursday, after breakfast, we will travel south to the great university city of Lund where we will visit the 1000-year old Lund Cathedral.  We will have time to look in shops in Lund and have lunch there.  Dave and Barb Anderson have hosted the Rökeblås (Röke is the village the founder of the band lived in and blås is the Sweden word for “blow”) band for ten US tours over the past 40 years.  The band is the “biggest big band in the world”.  For the US tours we called the band “The Young Musicians From Sweden” and “The BIG Big Band From Sweden”.  We will be guests for dinner at the Prayer Chapel in Röke and then we will be overnight guest in the homes of the band’s members.

June 14 Friday, after meeting back at the Prayer Chapel, we will drive to Karlshamn where we will stop at the famous statue depicting Karl and Kristina who are emigrating to America in the early 1900’s.  He is looking out to the sea; she is looking back!  Then we are on to the Castle in Kalmar on the east coast and for a brief driving tour of the very interesting island of Öland complete with very old windmills.  Dinner and overnight in Kalmar.

June 15 Saturday, on our way to Gothenburg, we will visit the 1000-year old KostaBoda glass museum and factory where we will see glass being blown and we can shop in their shop for “firsts” or “seconds”. We will then visit the very interesting emigrant museum in Växjö. We will arrive in Göteborg (Gothenburg) about 5:00 PM where we will meet host families at a Church of Sweden (Lutheran) church, pastored by Dave and Barb Anderson’s long-time friend, Rev. Mattias Sundkvist.  Dinner and overnight in host homes.

June 16 Sunday, after church and lunch we travel on to Oslo, Norway, arriving in time for dinner and overnight in our Oslo hotel. We will stay at Scandic hotel Holmenkollen

June 17 Monday, the day is packed with sightseeing including the Viking Museum, the Kon-Tiki Museum, the Holmenkollen Ski Jump, and some time to shop in Oslo.  Dinner and overnight in the same hotel.

June 18 Tuesday, we begin our trip north…on a road with mountains, waterfalls, passing through Nesbyen, Gol, Borgurid, Laerdal, and finally to Flåm where we will take the train 20 km from Flåm to Myrdal at 17.25 – 19.30 After the tour we will have dinner and overnight in a hotel.  The sights along the way are incredible….as are the sights tomorrow and the next day!

June 19 Wednesday, today our sights will be even more incredible than yesterday and we will go further north to the landscape of the “fjords” where we will have an hour at the most famous Geiranger fjord and drive on to a hotel “in the middle of nowhere”….Grotli.  The sights along the way will wear out your camera.  The dinner and breakfast at the Grotli hotel will keep you going for a long time.  The hotel is called Grotli Høyfjellshotell.

June 20 Thursday will be one of the most beautiful mountain routes you have ever seen in your life.  More fjords.  More hairpin curves.  More waterfalls….on our way back to Geiranger Fjord where we continue over Eagles Road up to “Trollstigen” where we make a stop on the tourist viewpoint where we are able to see all the curves we have to experience before coming down to sea level.  After a ferry boat ride that day we will arrive in Molde and that night we will have dinner, overnight, and breakfast at one more Folkhogskola.  The setting is beautiful.  This is the city where the Nazis thought that the Norwegian Royal Family were hiding out during the early days of their invasion of Norway.  So they bombed Molde but the Royal Family had already escaped to England.

June 21 Friday, another beautiful day of Norwegian roads with the Atlantic Road at the very west coast of Norway on our way to Trondheim, the old capitol of Norway. We will visit the Nidaros Cathedral…. which began to be built 1000 years ago over and then over a period of 230 years.  In fact, the Cathedral’s statuary was completed in 2001.  In 1537 this cathedral became a Lutheran church along with all other former Catholic churches in Noway….as the result of the Reformation in Germany.   We will have dinner and overnight at a Trondheim hotel.  There will be time to shop in Trondheim.

June 22 Saturday, today we will drive to Gavle, Sweden, where we will have dinner and stay overnight in a Gavle hotel.  This will be an all-day drive, with a lunch stop along the way.

June 23 Sunday, after breakfast we will drive one hour south to another university city—Uppsala—where we will attend church.  After lunch with congregation members we will visit the great Uppsala Cathedral and we may even have time for brave people to climb one of the 389’ twin steeples.  The church dates back to 1435…some years before the Reformation.  Assuming we have time, and assuming we can “get in”, we will also visit a very interesting room at Uppsala University where medical students learned how to dissect bodies in the Middle Ages.  We will arrive in Stockholm in time for dinner and overnight in our 4-night hotel.

June 24 Monday will be a day of sightseeing in Stockholm including a visit to the incredible Vasa Ship Museum, the Town Hall (where Nobel prizes are awarded), and Stockholm’s 1000-year old Old Town called Gamlastan.

June 25 Tuesday, will be a day “on your own”.  You can do half-day and full-day tours, shop ‘til you drop, visit museums, and whatever else you can think of.  Dave and our guide will help plan your day.  Dinner tonight is on your own. 

June 26 Wednesday, is our last day in Stockholm.  More sightseeing is planned and a final tour dinner before going back to our hotel.

June 27 Thursday morning we will be transported to Arlanda, Stockholm’s international airport for our flight to Chicago.

The tour cost:  $4,795 including air to/from Chicago, coach, hotels, sightseeing, meals except noon lunch and two dinners.

If you are interested in joining this tour to Scandinavia, please fill out the Reservation Form and send a $300 deposit to Fellowship Tours, P. O. Box 51510, Phoenix, AZ  85076.  Dave Anderson is available for questions at 480-838-8500 or by Emailing him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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