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What You Need To Know To Host a Concert - The Offering PDF Print E-mail
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What You Need To Know To Host a Concert
The Offering
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The Offering

We normally take the offering with us.  Within a few days we will report the offering total.  If there is a reason to count the offering after the concert, please follow the following procedure:

Step One
Offering Envelopes
•Â Â Â  Carefully slit open envelope from the top and remove contributions.
•Â Â Â  Throw away the envelopes that have no names, addresses or comments indicated.
•Â Â Â  Save envelopes that do have information such as names, addresses, and/or comments.
•Â Â Â  Indicate CK or CASH on the inside of the envelope.
•Â Â Â  Write in the dollar amount of the gift if not already written on the envelope.
Step Two
•Â Â Â  Count loose cash from offering plate and cash from envelopes.
•Â Â Â  Exchange the cash for a check written on the church’s bank account.
•Â Â Â  Make the check payable to Shepherd's Canyon Retreat.

Thrivent Financial

Congregation hosting Dave and Roger's Concert Ministry should apply for the $250 debit card which Thrivent supplies through their "Action Team Event".  Simply go to the Thrivent website, click on Action Team Event and fill out their form and, because income benefits the Shepherd's Canyon Retreat ministry, you click on "fundraiser" when that question comes up.  In "Thrivent's world" the concert or AM service is a "fund-raiser".

The Thrivent funding can buy a motel room, but more important, it can be used for publicity...and a tank or two of gas for Dave and Roger.