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What You Need To Know To Host a Concert - Publicity PDF Print E-mail
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What You Need To Know To Host a Concert
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This event is for your church and community.
It is for all people to reach them with the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Be sure to organize a group to help you coordinate the publicity. It takes a team to implement these publicity efforts. Well attended concerts are the result extensive publicity. And publicity doesn't just happen!

One of the neatest publicity ideas we have ever seen was in central Illinois when the host church printing up small concert invitations and then youth and adult volunteers put those invitations on the windshilds of cars parked in other church parking lots during their services.  Their theory was:  people that go to church go to church...even other churches when they are invited.

Shepherd's Canyon Retreat will supply you with
Bulletin Announdements
Press Release

Event Checklist
[ ] Organize 2 - 3 people to help with publicity
[ ] Contact local newspapers and send news release & photo
[ ] Contact local radio stations. Dave is available for radio interviews. Simply call our office at (480) 838-8500 to arrange.
[ ] Put up posters (with time, date, place printed on your copy machine--please no magic markers) in your church 5 weeks prior to concert date with date, time, and place of concert.
[ ] Send posters, bulletin inserts and bulletin blurbs to Christian churches in your area
[ ] Print and use bulletin inserts and bulletin blurbs in your church

[ ] Attendance is sometimes increased by having a soup/supper immediately preceeding the concert.
[ ] Show a 2-3 minute clip from The Rescue DVD
The Rescue Story is shared at concerts. Many people outside your church family will be interested in hearing of God's wonderful miracle. 

Christian Book Stores, businesses, schools and banks are additional publicity sources. 

Pray for the concert daily and encourage your congregation to be in prayer with you.