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Shepherd's Canyon Retreat Testimonials PDF Print E-mail

“This retreat saved our marriage!”

“This retreat was the best that my wife and I have ever attended.  We both came here burned out, tired of ministry, strained relationship between us, and broken.  As we leave, there is now a sense of joy in ministry.  Our relationship is mending.  We have a ways to go…but we have been given the tools to continue healing and growing.  If only SCR had been around 15 years ago!”  

“I felt as if the pressure I was experiencing was released enough for me to stand back and take a fresh look at things through the love and forgiveness of the Lord and His caring servants.  I’d felt on the verge of resigning from the ministry, my family, and life in general.  But, by the grace of God working in and through the counselors, I have experienced acceptance, forgiveness, and love.  If it had not been for the ministry of Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat in the Summer of 2010, I doubt I’d still be in the ministry or still married to my wife today.  Perhaps God would have intervened in some other way, but I thank Him for the loving and caring ministry of Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat.  Thank you to all of you!”

 “I am able to talk a lot about my personal life battles with very safe people.”

“Keep up the good work!  Thanks for having compassion for the walking wounded.”

“Both counselors were flexible, humble, vulnerable, displaying great depth of Word, sincerity of faith, and application to their own lives in a genuine, loving way.”

“I am thankful for the continuous time of self-evaluation in depth.  The counselors are not just doing a job; they care for each of us….all the time.”

“I would recommend SCR to any clergy suffering burnout and frustration in ministry.  This is a safe place to problems with real help towards solving them.”

“SCR is the embodiment of Jesus words, ‘come away for a while’.  To His disciples here, a pastor can bear his heart for Jesus and his soul as a child of God.  If the ‘wounded or the weary’ describe you, SCR is where you’ll be met by the love of God and the skill of His servants.”

“I always held to Jeremiah 28 in which we are reminded that God has good plans for us filled with hope.  But until Shepherd’s Canyon, I never believe that this promise was for me.  I was able to admit how tired and exhausted I was and through the love of the group and the wisdom of our counselors, I finally saw that  I wasn’t a failure in ministry…I was simply trying to heal and I needed time to refill the well.  Seeing other wonderful, loving pastors and church workers helped me to understand that God didn’t make a mistake when he called me into ministry.  I am excited and hopeful!”

“I’m glad someone is doing more than just patting me on the back and saying, ‘be well brother’.”

“We were so beaten down and discouraged that resigning sounded like a way out of a bad situation.  So we came to SCR very hurt and wounded.  We were given and warm welcome and a quiet and spacious room and then we received gift baskets.  Wow!  As the retreat progressed, we learned about our feelings and how to care for ourselves and our marriage.  We were overwhelmed to hear that strangers were praying for us and providing this time away to be cared for with love and grace.  Our sincere thanks to everyone who made it possible for my husband and I to attend SCR.  The Lord used SCR to renew and mature us at one of the great turning points in our lives.”

“Today I was thinking about the SCR experience and how it was a pivotal step along our path.  Thanks again for your acceptance of us, right where we were, when we were really hurting.  God really provided the support we needed at the right time using his people to lift us up when we were felling really lost.”