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Dave Anderson and Roger Walck (joined Dave March, 2013) are available to lead weekend worship services and weeknight "worship concerts".  Dave points out that their evening presentations are not performances in the sense of entertainment.  Since Scripture says that "God inhabits the praises of His people", Dave and Roger believe that God's Spirit is very present in the midst of their singing and speaking. 

The congregation is invited to join Dave and Roger in long as it's the same song.  The "worship concert" will  include hymns, gospel songs, old Sunday School songs, and what Dave calls "message songs". 

Financial Arrangements
The request is for a free-will offering plus $300 or whatever the church can add to that offering (that could range from $150 to $500). All concert offering income will benefit scholarships for Shepherd's Canyon Retreat. Offering envelopes are provided to be placed in worship folders/handouts prior to concerts and services. The envelope can be used in the offering or sent in at a later date.

Concert Handbook
An outline of host responsibilities , publicity resources (photos, news releases, bulletin announcements, The Rescue Story inserts), offering procedures, and team needs can be found by clicking on Concerts or Concert Handbook.

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