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What is Fellowship Ministries?

Fellowship Ministries is a non-profit ministry whose mission is to provide relevant worship resources, encouragement and training for advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What has Fellowship Ministries been doing since 1975?

Since 1975 Fellowship Ministries has provided helpful worship resources for churches throughout America and abroad. These resources include:

    * The Other Songbook (500,000+ copies in print)
    * The Best of the Best in Contemporary Praise & Worship (180,000 in print)
    * Fellowship Ministries has sponsored more than 250 worship and music conferences and seminars beginning in 1987.
    * Dave and Barb Anderson Worship Concerts.  Now Dave Anderson and Roger Walck concerts. Dave and Barb Anderson have presented more than 5,000 concerts and worship services throughout America and around the world since 1975.  For concert information visit here

Who started Fellowship Ministries? And how did Shepherd's Canyon Retreat start?

Fellowship Ministries was begun in 1975 by Dave and Barb Anderson.  Dave and Barb have presented over 5,000 concerts and worship services in America and other countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, India, Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, and throughout Scandinavia.  In 1983 Dave compiled and edited The Other Songbook which is used in thousands of churches and homes.

Dave Anderson is the founder of Lutheran Youth Encounter (now called Youth Encounter), Lutheran Youth Alive, (now merged with Youth Encounter), and Renewal House, for several years a Christian drug rehabilitation facility in Los Angeles.

In 2007 Dave Anderson and a group of Lutheran clergy and lay leaders began to lay the groundwork for what today is Shepherd's Canyon Retreat, Inc.  Please visit for more information about this very important ministry.  Today the Shepherd's Canyon Retreat ministry hosts 7-day counseling retreats for men and women who are experiencing stress, depression, and many kind of conflicts as the result of "being in ministry".  The new home-base for Shepherd's Canyon Retreat is Standing Stones, located 15 miles west of Wickenburg, Arizona.  Please visit to learn more about this "oasis in Arizona's high desert".

Fellowship Ministries and Shepherd's Canyon Retreat are non-profit 501 c 3 tax-exempt organization.

How is these ministries funded?

Shepherd's Canyon Retreat and Fellowship Ministries are funded through:

    * Donations and offerings from individuals and churches

    * Grants from congregations and family foundations
    * Dave Anderson and Roger Walck's concert offerings
    * Sales of worship and music resources